Custom bioprocessing and cell therapy container bags.

BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags are a line of custom products engineered help provide an optimum internal environment to support cellular development.

BioLoc™ custom cell therapy and processing systems

can be configured to your project specification.




BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags are designed to support the optimum conditions for maximum cell maturation and production. Each BioLoc™ bags is engineered to both provide a safe environment for cell growth and to protect cellular material at cryo

temperatures. (as low as -200 C˚).

BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags are  biologically, chemically & immunologically inert. The single-use, closed system configuration is virtually impermeable to H2O and has optimum

O2, CO2 and N2 gas transfer rates.

BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags are manufactured using optically clear, class VI, medical grade, virgin film. BioLoc™  (BPC) bags are available in virtually any size and volume with an array of port options and system configurations.

• Tubing sets

• Label pouch design (optional)

• Kit packing



Film Sizes


Standard untrimmed, max width:


• 1.25” x roll length

• 3” x roll length

• 4” x roll length

• 5.5” x roll length

• 7” x roll length



For more information on custom cryo bag products and sealing systems, contact us directly.




Customizable, single-use bioprocessing (BPC) bags

Product Details



BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags and

processing systems are designed to support

cell culture, fermentation, separation,

purification and laboratory fluid management.  Each single-use, closed- system allows gas transference through the permeable barrier membrane while limiting virtually all H2O loss.


Manufactured using Virgin, class VI FEP,

BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags and

processing systems are flexible and stable

at ultra-low temperatures if cryopreservation, cryo-storage or cryo-transport are required.


• Manufactured in ISO 6 clean room

• Biologically and chemically inert

• Films conform to USP Class VI

• No plasticizes or leach-ables

• Excellent gas transfer rates.

• Virtually impermeable to H20

• Humidified incubators may not be required

• Clear design for microscopy

• 95% transmission of UV, visible & infrared.

• Flexible and stable at cryo-temperatures

• High dielectric strength

Temperature to -200 °C

Barrier Materials


Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene - FEP material is a transparent, thermoplastic film that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, vacuum formed and heat bonded.





All packaging system accessories are stable

at cryogenic temperatures.


• BPC Ports and tubing connectors

• BPC Overwrap and Sterility Covers

BioLoc™ Clamps

BioLoc™ Labels

BioLoc™ Boxes





BioLoc™ bioprocessing (BPC) bags are custom engineered to size, volume and port configurations.


• Pouch and overwrap dimensions

• Pouch operating and max volume

• Ports and connection specifications


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