Autologous cranial bone flap storage kits

CranioLoc®  is a sterile, single-use cranial bone flap packaging system for short to intermediate storage of donor tissue at temperatures down to -80 C˚.

CranioLoc® autologous bone flap storage kits are a sterile, single-use package for bone storage during Craniotomies.




CranioLoc® comes in two sterile, single-use packaging sizes.  The standard packaging kit  accommodates cranial bone flaps of up to 7.25" (184 millimeters) in diameter. For larger cranial bone flaps, a 9.0" (222 millimeters)  "Plus" sized pouch is available.

Each CranioLoc® bone flap storage kit includes a single-use sterility cover which protects the cranial bone flap bag integrity during the sealing process. Request a sample to test your sealer on a CranioLoc® bag.

CranioLoc® is designed specifically for cranial bone flap storage.


  • Store at temperatures down to -80 ˚C
  • Secured with a medial impulse sealer
  • Peel-able over wrap permits aseptic presentation
  • Peel-able tissue bag makes opening easy


CranioLoc® cranial bone flap storage training

Cranial bone flap storage kits (CBF-135)




Autologous cranial bone flap (CBF) storage kits

How to use



IMPORTANT: CranioLoc® autologous cranial bone flap storage (CBF) kits should only be used by professionals operating under facility protocols on hygiene and gowning.


• Insert the bone tissue into the smaller, tissue pouch.

• Place the non-stick, square-cornered,

sealing sleeve over the opening of the tissue pouch.

• Align the sleeved end of the tissue pouch with the heating element of the bag sealer.

• Follow your sealer’s instruction to secure the open-end of the tissue pouch. (see CranioLoc® Sealer systems for securing instructions)

• After securing the tissue pouch, remove the non-stick sealing sleeve and discard.

• Insert the sealed tissue pouch into the

peel-able overwrap pouch.

• Align the peel-able  overwrap pouch with the heating element on bag sealer.

• Follow sealer instruction to secure the

 open-end of the peel-able overwrap pouch.

(do not use non-stick sleeve)

• Place filled CranioLoc® system into storage and follow surgical protocols.

Systems and Options


 • CBF 90-135 - Standard (10 units)

• Tissue pouch - 7.5” x 9“

• Peel-able overwrap - 9” x 10“

• Sterile, single use, heat sealer covers

• CBF 90-140 - Oversized (1 unit)

• Peel-able overwrap - 10.5" x 12"

• Sterile, single use, heat sealer cover








• CBF 60-077 - CranioLoc® Sealer System

Magnetic release, table top heat sealer



For more information on custom cranial bone flap bags and sealing systems, contact us directly.


Product Details



CranioLoc® autologous cranial bone flap(CBF) storage kits are engineered to protect

cranial bone flaps during the processing and

storage between Craniotomy procedures.


Produced in an ISO 6 clean room the

CranioLoc® system meets or exceeds industry standards.


Each CranioLoc® system consists of two high-strength film pouches, an inner protective tissue peel-able pouch and outer peel-able overwrap. This 2-pouch configuration provides redundant protection and enables aseptic presentation into surgical environments.


• Complete sterile system

• Operating room ready

• Films conform to USP Class VI

• BioCompatible - laboratory tested

• Secure dual aseptic packaging system

Temperature to -80 °C

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