Custom Bag Design

Process of designing new storage system


If you are working on a project and have ideas for a new container or bag, our design team can help you refine your concept by producing multiple prototypes for feasibility testing/evaluation.

There is no substitute or computer model that can replace the prototype phase of product development.


Prototypes tell the real story.

  • Discuss application and use
  • Discover environmental hazards
  • Evaluate thermoplastic materials
  • Research similar products/applications
  • Establish specs on final design.


Initial consultation

  • Discuss the product application
  • Evaluate environmental threats
  • Document the requirements

During our first several meetings and phone conferences, our team members will be collecting information about your project, past problems and goals for your packaging. This initial discovery phase is critical to understanding all of the hazards your packaging will need to endure.

Internal feasibility testing

  • Evaluate material options
  • Examine prior project with similar applications
  • Simulate actual product environment

After the discovery phase, we take all of your information and start building feasibility studies and product mock ups. Once viable samples are produced, team members simulate an environment similar to the final product's operating conditions.

Samples for testing

  • Product a variety of samples bags
  • Ship samples to client for testing
  • Gather results from client evaluations

A large sample pack of bags are are produced and shipped to the client for sizing, fit, testing and feedback. Once we receive  results are from our client, we make adjustments to the prototypes and ship another pack of prototypes for testing. This process is repeated until all of the potential issues are resolved and the design is finalized.

Final product design and production

  • Establish specifications for final design
  • Create a product schedule
  • Production of final product begins

Once all of the data is collected, a final design is created and submitted to the client for final sign-off.  After the design has been settled, supplies are requestioned and production schedules are created. Production begins based on approved production schedule.

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