Vacuum Sealers

High Performance and Validatable

Instant Systems supports a complete line of heat sealing and vacuum sealing machinery. Pairing the right sealer with the right packaging comes from decades of experience and testing high performance films under extreme environmental conditions.

675 smart VAC Sealer

Validatable  -  Vacuum  -  Impulse


The model 675 smartVac series Vacuum Sealers are the perfect solution for packaging moisture and oxygen sensitive products as well as industrial and consumer goods. This pneumatic impulse heat vacuum sealer is designed for sealing a wide range of bag materials.


The smartVAC series has three models: 675V-Vacuum Sealer, 675G-Gas-Vacuum Sealer and the 675M-GAs-Vacuum sealer with 6 seal modes and multi-cycle.

M8000 Sealer w/Quick Release Sealer

Validatable  -  Vacuum


The New "Quick-Release Vacuum System”® is an innovative design allowing the user to easily remove the vacuum system and seal bar for simplified cleaning, sterilization and maintenance. The new vacuum and seal bar design accommodates a pouch with as little as 1” header space.


The New linear element tensioner has no exposed electrical connections, won’t allow binding and assures element tension under all pressure settings. The new design simplifies element replacement and extends element life.

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