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Custom High Performance Container Bags

Engineering Solutions for Bioprocessing, Cellular Therapy and Cryogenic Storage.

Instant Systems produces custom packaging solutions for cryopreservation, cell therapy, bioprocessing and human tissue transport. Designed using high-performance films and stringent manufacturing techniques, each product is engineered to perform under extreme conditions.

BioLoc™ Bioprocessing Container (BPC) Bags

BioLoc™ is a line of custom, single-use bioprocess container (BPC) bags, tubing sets, and manifolds, covering a range of applications, sizes, and connection types. From research projects to large scale production, BioLoc™ can be engineered to fit your requirements.

CellLoc™ Cell Therapy (CT) Bags

CellLoc™ Cell Therapy bags are engineered using clear, gas permeable film producing an optimum environment for cellular expansion and maturation.  CellLoc™ is available in a variety of sizes, port configurations, film treatments as well as 2-D and 3-D construction.

CryoLoc™ Cryogenic (CL) Packaging

CryoLoc™ packaging is produced from virgin, Class VI, medical grade FEP. Each CryoLoc™ system is designed to secure, protect, transport and store both cellular biologicals and donor tissue at ultra-low temperatures down to –196 °C. 

CranioLoc™ Cranial Bone Flap Storage (CBF)

Designed to store cranial bone flaps during surgical procedures, each single-use, CranioLoc™ (CBF) system contains both an inner storage and outer overwrap pouch. Capable of long-term storage, CranioLoc™ remains optically clear and flexible at ultra-low temperatures. 

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Instant Systems' specializes in rapid turn-around of prototypes for any project. Using the custom bag designer, you can create a prototype design online or contact us for assistance.


Rapid Prototype Development

The process of creating new containers, bags and packaging.


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