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RecoLoc™ self-sealing tissue recovery bag is designed as the ultimate tissue recovery storage system.  The self-sealing mechanism keeps tissues securely enclosed without the need for sealers or closure mechanisms, while the puncture-resistant material ensures containment of even the most difficult tissues.  RecoLoc™ can be used to store tissues in as low as cryogenic temperatures and is robust enough to withstand the freeze and thaw cycle. 

RecoLocTM Tissue Recovery Bag

Self-sealing, puncture resistant packaging for the storage of human tissues

Built into each bag is an easy, secure system for sealing the bags onsite without the need for a sealer, clamp, or other closure mechanism.

Robust materials prevent breaches due to harsh freezing conditions or rough tissues while secure sealing system prevents leaks.

Dynamic materials allow storage conditions from ambient temperatures to -80o C while easily withstanding freeze/thaw cycles.

Optically clear materials provide easy visual inspection of contents in any temperature.

A wide range of sizes are available to fit nearly every human tissue.

Manufactured in Class VI cleanrooms under certified ISO 13485 QMS and cGMP conditions.

Solving Challenges for Best Patient Outcomes

Supply Chain Protections

Through protected inventory allocation, secure raw material channels, and extreme visibility reporting, we support and protect your critical supply chain.

Unique Product Design

Packaging and single use designs with tubing and connection options allow our engineers to ensure a perfect fit within your procedures and processes.

Validation Services

Protocol writing, testing specification documentation, test execution, project management, and final reporting allow our team to ensure you receive fast and reliable validation results.

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Closed System Transfer Caps

Ideal for maintaining a closed system for fluid transfers during manufacturing processes. Various connection types for fluid transfer are available.


Methods which integrate with your systems, delivering product to you or your customers’ locations securely and on time.


Our experts create a highly flexible procurement service, tailored to your needs to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Supply Chain Management

Instant Systems Supply Chain Management services offers the operational and financial foundation to provide extraordinary protections and endless opportunities for growth for the clients we serve.

Testing & Validation

Full service validation, including protocol writing, testing specification documentation, test execution, project management, and final reporting, allows you to leverage our team’s expertise to achieve your objectives quickly.


Choosing the best sterilization method must take into consideration many factors such as design, materials, packaging, and final case configuration. Because no sterilization method is right for every applications.

Kitting & Assembly

Quality no matter the quantity
Our highly skilled technicians assemble and kit to your requirements with meticulous accuracy. All assemblies are controlled and verified through Instant Systems’ Quality Management System to provide complete traceability.

Closed System Conical Centrifuge Tubes

These conical tubes are specifically designed to connect with internal tubing for closed system fluid transfers after centrifugation processes.

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